Keswick Mountain Rescue Collection - Mill Cottage

Hello again. 

We have a Keswick Mountain Rescue collecting tin in the cottage for those who wish to make a contribution to this worthwhile cause and hope you never have to call upon them.

We are pleased to report that the total raised in the year (Nov 18 - Nov 19) was £116.18

Those of you who who stay in Mill Cottage have the added facility of a log burner.  Unlike many cottages, we supply all the wood and kindling which comes from our own wooods so we can be sure it is at the right moisture for burning and we thought this one way to help raise funds for the Rescue team.  Of course, many have contributed during the summer and we are very grateful to everyone who has contributed.

Thanks again


Martin & Susan


What3words location

There is a new way of locating anywhere in the world and its called what3words.  

Look at this on and download the app what3words

Our three word designation is  CLOUD.UNHEATED.CAKE

With the app on your phone, you can tell anyone the three words for your location and emergency services (and others) can find you



weather records

We got a weather station at the start of the year (2019) and these are the details so far;

Max Temp                              35C           29 July

Max heat index                      38C           25 July

Min Temp                              -6.8C          3 February

most rain in 24 hours            58.2mm      8 February

Rain in august so far             131.6mm    up to 10 August

highest wind                         44.3mph     8 February

highest pressure                   770mmHg   13 May

lowest pressure                    720mmHg    3 March

tufty the squirrel

tufty 2019


Hello and a belated welcome to 2019 to all of you viewing this site as well as our guests.

So, what has been happening here? whats new? whats changed?

  • We now have fibre broadband and can get speeds up to 40-50Mbps.  Its also a lot more stable.
  • New front windows were intalled in Mill cottage late 2018 which makes a big difference to warmth and has eliminated the morning condensation in the upstairs bedrooms
  • A small swing has been put in the garden with a 'baby seat' which can be used by folks up to 25kg
  • in the last 18 months, all the beds have had new hotel quality mattresses put on
  • The Owl has been seen by a number of guests
  • Our red squirrel is still around but has not appeared quite as often this year

This is a trial of our new blog facility and it is hoped we will do regular updates.

Martin & Susan

August 2019


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