Hello and Happy Christmas to all of our guests, both past, present and future.

It has been a very up and down year for us.  We were in total lockdown for April, May and June for which we were virtually fully booked, but due to lockdown 1.0, all of those weeks were cancelled.  Many folks were kind enough to either move their booking to later in the year or transfer to 2021.

Once the restrictions were lifted, we then had 100% occupancy until Lockdown 2.0 was introduced.  Although we had some cancellations in that period, the weeks were snapped up, often within 24 hours.  We were due to have our busiest November before Lockdown 2.0 was introduced.  

Bookings for 2021 are looking positive, although the tier 3 situation is having a major impact for early 2021 as we have many folks due to arrive from those areas.

Let us all hope for a better 2021

Happy Christmas to you all

Martin & Susan